The Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF), launched in 1973, is a major international arts festival committed to enriching the cultural life of the city by presenting leading local and international artists in all genres of the performing arts as well as a diverse range of “PLUS” and educational events in February and March each year.

HKAF is a non-profit organisation. The total budget for FY2019/2020 (including the 48th Hong Kong Arts Festival and 2020 “No Limits”) is approximately HK$157 million. Secured government baseline funding represents about 12% of the total budget, with another around 5% specially provided by the Government as time-limited additional funding for five years since 2018/19. Nearly 24% of the Festival’s income needs to come from the box office, and around 40% from sponsorship and donations made by corporations, individuals, and charitable foundations. It is anticipated that the remaining 19% will come from other revenue sources including the Government’s matching scheme, which matches income generated through private sector sponsorship and donations.

Your generous support will enable the Festival to continue to bring top international artists to Hong Kong, nurture local talents, encourage cultural exchange and provide more quality arts education events for the younger generation.


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